1993. First analog synth, drum machine and mixer.
Drone, Noise, Techno, Breaks, Gabber.
Played shows with Speed-iD, MSBR,
Rptort Shoot, Otas Logi-c, Kippu,
Mystery Frequency, Leopaldon, Incapacitants, Billy etc.
Toured Japan extensively since 1994 as
dj and noise/abstract live act.


Shoot black&white photography and
graphic design for books under MGDR.
Source of inspiration: Rave and Acid House
movement, 80’s Belgian New Beat, The Baphomet,
Katan dolls, cults from the Children of God to
The Order of The Solar Temple, 60/70’s experimental
electronic music (Radigue, Oliveros etc.),
the films of Takashi Ito, Matthew Barney,
Shinya Tsukamoto, Kenneth Anger,
Sabu and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, death,
black & thrash metal, skateboarding,
red light district hardcore photography,
Ricoh GR cameras, the belgian six, Y-3,
JC/DC, Vivienne Westwood,
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Batsu, ...
Publications: Photography books,
Graphic design zines and
records @ Palacion.